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When a Good Kid Gets Caught (fiction)
The story of a so-called good kid who went bad and how God
preserved him and brought him to true repentance and faith.
by Greg Wright
  1. A Bad Day for Tyler
    Tyler was the top performer in Commander Dave's Royal Rangers group until Tyler got caught stealing. Now Tyler's fellow Rangers struggle with how to respond.
  2. A Letter for Chad
    Prevented from seeing Chad in person, Commander Dave writes him a letter, encouraging him towards true repentance and describing the dangers of false repentance.
  3. True Freedom
    Chad yearns for freedom, but Commander Dave explains that true freedom is found only in obedience to Jesus Christ.
  4. Knowing When to Argue
    When Buzzy is tempted to sneak out at night for a wild time with the older boy, Chad, he find's himself unable to defend his decision to stay home. What should a boy do when he knows what is right but lacks the skills to verbally defend his actions?
  5. A Matter of Conscience
    Buzzy decides to ignore Chad's logic and obeys his conscience, not realizing that this decision would save his life.
  6. Teach the Truth
    Tommy Meadows spent his younger days as one of Commander Dave's Royal Rangers. When Tommy dies in a fatal car accident involving drugs and alcohol, Commander Dave questions his ability to lead the boys and considers resigning.
  7. Honest Faith
    Are all professions of faith real and saving? Commander Dave distinguishes between easy, quick, magic prayer conversions and honest faith.
  8. Keeping Promises
    Chad breaks a promise to his parents and finds himself injured and lost.
  9. Breaking Promises
    Chad is in danger, and in order to help him, Buzzy must break a promise. Is it ever right to break a promise?
  10. God's Promises
    Chad struggles to understand election and salvation against the context of God's promises.
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The Adventures of Billy and Bobby, Book 3 (fiction)
The story of courage, faithfulness, unconditional love, and the triumph of the gospel in the face of bullies, violence, and gangs, set in a public school in northern Florida.
by Greg Wright
  1. The New Kid
    When Daniel moves from his school in Atlanta to northern Florida, the bullies immediately set out to make his life miserable. Bobby, a physically strong Christian boy, struggles to understand his responsibility to protect his weaker classmate.
  2. Being Normal and Being Real
    "The new kid, Daniel, is wierd; he isn't normal," says Bobby. But Bobby's friend Billy attempts to explain the real and genuine side of Daniel.
  3. The Bully Trio Strikes
    When the bullies set out to harrass Daniel, Bobby comes to his aide, only to be rebuked by his friends and rebuffed by Daniel.
  4. A Friend You Can Trust
    Billy rebukes Daniel for being unappreciative of Bobby's assistance, only to learn how Daniel's past makes it difficult for him to trust Bobby.
  5. A Lesson From Patch
    Bobby uses a story about a dog named Patch to explain to Daniel why he is kind to him, even when treated rudely.
  6. The Ambush
    The bullies get even with Bobby for standing up for Daniel. But when they attack, Daniel shows uncommon bravery.
  7. Picking Your Battles
    Bobby explains when he fights and when he lets things go. Then when one of the bullies, Reggie, has a serious bicycle accident, Bobby and Daniel work quickly to save his life.
  8. Bikes and Bongs
    Bobby's willingness to be kind to his enemy provides an opportunity for him to explain to the bully, Reggie, how to become a Christian.
  9. Living Dangerously
    Daniel angrily rejects the idea that Reggie could become a Christian, while Bobby confronts him about his own lost condition.
  10. A Lesson From Gizmo
    When Daniel's dog Gizmo gets lost, Daniel finally realizes his own lost condition and surrenders his life to Jesus Christ.
  11. Bikes and Soccer
    Everyone is amazed at the changes in Reggie's character, but his old gang buddies don't like it. When Reggie is reported missing, everyone expects the worst.
  12. Where is Reggie
    Reggie flees for his life and rides his bicycle sixty miles to Tallahassee.
  13. Recovery
    Pastor Felix reaches out to Reggie and takes him into his home, where he uses the bicycle as an object lesson for explaining the Christian life.
  14. Learning to Pray
    When Reggie is discouraged, Pastor Felix uses the Lord's Prayer to teach him how to pray.
  15. Adventure at the Grocery Store
    A crime at a grocery store requires quick thinking and action on the part of Reggie.
  16. Taking the Plunge
    Reggie has to say farewell to his old friends. This story explores the meaning of true faith and trust.
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