Neglected Questions and Friendship Evangelism
by Denise Bain

Erica started cutting my hair right after Lara was born. For the last six years, we talked about everything: her nasty divorce and custody battle, the joys and pains of mommyhood, her new boyfriend, Sunday school and choir stuff, her desire to have her own business and how she came to make that desire a reality ... you name it, we probably talked about it. She is one of the most open, friendly people I have ever known. She could tell when someone was having a bad day and could provide the most relaxing shoulder and neck massage. She always had a hug for you. Past tense; HAD, not HAS.

On a Wednesday morning she was killed in a freak accident. She had stopped her SUV at the mailboxes at the entrance to the condos where she lived. Somehow the car started rolling and she was either trying to get in to stop it, or was in the process of getting in or out to get the mail. Who knows? Anyway, the car rolled backwards, carrying her with it, and pinned her between the car and a tree.

In the years that I have know Erica, we talked about faith and church quite a bit, but I'm not sure that we ever REALLY talked about the most important things. You know, we sometimes skirt around eternal issues, afraid that someone will think we're a fanatic or worse. Until the day I die and meet Jesus face to face, I won't know if she was saved or not, because I never came right out and asked the question. Patsy Clairmont calls this a 'whippin from the Lord,' and she's right; that's exactly what it feels like. It hurts, and I don't ever want another one, although I'm sure there will be others whether I want them or not. After all, I am a 'child' of God and it takes a lot of 'whippins' to raise a child in the way he should go.

Please take this lesson and apply it any way you can. We all can make a difference in someone's life, whether we realize it or not. We come into contact with so many people during the daily living of life. Let them see Jesus, tell them about Jesus, love them as Jesus would. Before it's too late.


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