Resources for Christian Boys and Their Teachers
Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this web site is to encourage Christian boys and those who teach them by providing free, printable resources, that promote the understanding of true repentance, true faith, and godly character. The current focus is on adventure stories and devotions.

In leading boys, we not only want to teach the Word of God, but we want to find ways to make what we teach stick in their minds. The material sticks in their minds longer when we can apply it to situations that are part of their common experience. One way to do this is through stories that grip a boy's imagination. When I was a young boy, my Sunday School teacher gave me, as a prize for winning a contest, a book of stories about Christian boys. They were so well written that it was very easy for me to identify with the characters and to learn from them. Indeed, some of those stories have continued to encourage me decades later. I have no idea where I lost the book, but it doesn't matter; the pages are written on my mind.

So, stories can be very useful. Nevertheless, I want to say up front that stories are no substitute for the careful teaching of God's word and the memorization of scripture. Teaching is essential; the stories contribute by gluing what we teach to the minds of the boys.

Should you find any of the stories and devotions that bear my name to be useful, please know that you are free to use them, change them, and make as many copies as you wish. I only request that if you change anything more than punctuation, that you modify the author line, where it says "by Greg Wright" to say "by Greg Wright, revised by Your Name."

The target audience for these stories consists primarily of those who are comfortable with doctrine as expressed in the Apostles' Creed. People who might be in that target audience include:

Royal Rangers
Calvinist Cadets
Christian Service Brigade
Boy Scouts
Royal Ambassadors
Boys Clubs
Sunday Schools
Home Schools

You are probably curious about the church background of the writer. Most of my adult life has been in the reformed community. However, when I moved to Tallahassee, Florida, and had difficulty finding a church with a good praise and worship service, I wound up at an Assembly of God church. There, I had the opportunity to teach Sunday School and to serve as a Royal Rangers commander. Later, I served as Senior commander for Agape Life Fellowship, also in Tallahasse, and for First Assembly in Lebanon, Tennesse. Now, I live in Hartsville, Tennessee, where I attend a Reformed Baptist church.

In addition to being a Reformed Baptist, I have a great deal in common with that group within the Southern Baptist fellowship who call themselves Founders. Most of what I believe doctrinally can be found in the old Abstract of Principles from Southern Seminary.

May God bless you all as you work to reach, teach, and keep kids for Jesus Christ.

Greg Wright

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