The Funeral, Dreams, and Visions
by Greg Wright, Father of Stephen Wright

Saturday Visitation.
Visitation was on Saturday afternoon. Nan and I were so pumped up with adrenaline that we felt like we had consumed ten cups of coffee. Meanwhile we kept getting reports from people of remarkable experiences regarding Stephen. A fourteen year old girl had a dream about Stephen. Here is that dream in her words.
I am the girl who had the dream about Steve three weeks before he died. Here is my dream in detail. I saw a car with people singing "It Is Well With My Soul," which is one of my favorite songs. I then saw a hospital room, but I could not see how Steve was hurt. The whole room was dark except for his bed, and I vaguely heard that hymn again. Then I saw Steve light up with what I could tell was the love and holiness of God, and he was gone in an instant (his spirit). I then heard what sounded like thousands upon thousands of voices of the angels singing "It Is Well with My Soul."
The girl went on to say that she was not prone to visions or things out of the ordinary. She also said this.
I did not know Stephen very well, so it was odd that I dreamed about him. I didn't mention it to anyone. When our family got the call that Steve was in the hospital and in a coma I was in real shock because I knew (partly because of my dream) that Steve would not live.
As I did more research I found out that there were at least two cars from our church who on the way to Vanderbilt sang, "It Is Well With My Soul." I was in one of them.

Then there was the report from a man in my church who saw a vision of Stephen where, with a very, very happy face he said just two words, "I'm home." This man is one of the most stable and level-headed people in my church, the least likely to have a vision like this. God must have chosen him so that the rest of us would believe.

The funeral was held at Anthony's Funeral Home on Sunday afternoon. It was officiated by elders Donny Martin and Carroll Carman.

Several of Stephen's friends served as pall bearers: Dustin Marcellino, Jordan Marcellino, Mark Carman, Chad Carman, Drew Ferrin, Jeremy Ware, Wayne Hays, and Bryan Alfano.

Steve, when you were small your parents carried you.
Then you grew strong and carried yourself.
When you died angels carried you to heaven.
Now your strong and faithful friends will carry your body,
While God carrries us.
During the funeral time was allotted for individuals to share their feelings about Stephen. A video tape was made of the funeral, and I hope to be able to transcribe more of those comments at a later date. The comments I currently have in writing are available below.

After the funeral, family and friends gathered around the grave site. The most immediate family members sat under a tent. We stayed for all of it, including the part where Stephen's casket was lowered into the ground and covered with dirt. During this part I stood with my hand over my heart, a final tribute of respect for my son.

Yet this was not my final tribute, nor was it the end of Stephen. No, even as Stephen was lowered into the ground, we sang hymns of worship and praise to God.

Our precious treasure, here buried lies?
No he's not here, he's in the skies.

I would rather weep ten times a day than forget the precious memories I have of Stephen. Yet, even as much as I love him, my love is imperfect. But there will be a glorious day when, separated at last from the constraints of flesh and mortality, I will be able to love God with perfect love. And love for God always spills over into love for people. Imagine how much I will love Stephen then, with a love unbroken by death and separation. I can't wait.