Thirteen Years
In Memory of Stephen Wright

by Barbara Hays

Hockey Breakout at Opryland: Stephen helps the goalie.

Thirteen years from beginning to end

Four-thousand, seven-hundred, forty-five days

Babyhood, childhood, three months a teen

A life orchestrated by God's hand - though unseen.

"Too short!" say some.

"It's unfair!" shouts another.

"Why their son - only son - why not some other?"

The questions, the tears, the paralyzing sorrow

All understood by our Heavenly Father.

"Be still my soul, and know that He is God."

He is Sovereign - no freak accidents - in control of all our days

He is comfort - close to strengthen - "He is righteous in all His ways."

He is Risen - no more crying - He's prepared a place for me.

Sown in weakness and dishonor

Raised in glory - eternally.

See God's hand, though blurred by tears.

Know Him - understand His might.

Trust Him for alone He's faithful.

"Walk by faith and not by sight."

Trust God's Word - "Stephen's days were numbered."

From earth to heaven within God's sight

His life - not short

His death - not unfair

Thirteen years for Stephen - just right!