Remembering Steve
by Nan Wright, Stephen's Mother

When you live with a child for thirteen years, and homeschool them through all eight years of school, you can't help but feel a very close bond. My favorite part of homeschooling was being able to hug my son anytime I wanted.

Steve and I were truly kindred spirits. We were alike in many ways and shared many of the same interests. Yet Steve lived life with an energy that I could not match. He was the most determined young man I have ever met. When he was five years old, I took him to a skating rink so he could learn to roller skate. He must have fallen down over one hundred times, but he cried when it was time to leave because he was having so much fun learning to skate. When Steve set his mind on doing something, there was no deterring him.

He stretched me -- I had to learn to tent camp when I was almost forty. He fixed up a bike for me and made me learn to ride again.

Steve challenged me to keep up with him while he lived life with gusto. He always looked for the fun in things, and he made me laugh.

Just a few days before the accident I was praying that God would draw Steve closer to Himself. I also prayed that He would use Steve's life to bring others to faith in Christ. Little did I realize that this was already His plan.

I feel so blessed to have spent thirteen years with Steve. And because he put his faith in Christ, I know I'll see him again. May God be glorified in Steve's death, just as He was in Steve's life.