God Knows
Dedicated in Memory of Stephen Wright

by Kristi Carman, February 8, 2001

Children are a gift from God.
Their faces express their love.
So when they come with hugs and kisses
Embrace your child with love.

When we see a little one hurt,
No matter what their age,
Our hearts fall into little pieces.
Our hearts may fill with rage.

Unto God we give our rage
So it's Him we lean upon
He knows what's best for us.
He knows where we belong.

His arms are wide open
For us to run into.
His hand is reaching out for us.
Our hearts he will renew.

The tears fall painfully.
They seem never to slow.
But with God knowing our every thought
God knows we know He knows.

To God we give our children.
To Him we give all praise.
To God we give all glory.
We trust His perfect ways.

His perfect ways are best for us.
Our children - they are too.
So when our children come with a hurt,
Trust Him through and through