The Monthly Encourager:
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What If My Unsaved Loved Ones Die?
June, 2007

Funerals remind us that some are ready to face God and some are not. Yet, many pastors preach as if the only thing you have to do to go to heaven is die. They preach as if heaven were the final destiny of all people. Indeed, no matter what the character of the deceased, no matter what lack there is of any evidence that the person was born again, they find some way to preach the person into heaven.

But we know the truth. We know that Jesus spoke more of Hell than of heaven. Why? Because He came to save His people from their sins and from Hell. Meanwhile, many of our loved ones are not ready to face God, and our hearts long to see them come to repentance and faith. Such was the heart of Ray Feliciano when he wrote this song: There's a Call Going Out.