There's a Call Going Out
By Ray Feliciano
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Verse 1:
There's a call that's going out, to everyone with ears,
To the deaf and dumb and blind, or whosoever hears.
According to your faith, it shall be unto you.
If you listen very closely, this could be,
The day that you believe.

Verse 2:
All the mysteries above, the passing through death's doors,
All revealed in Scripture's words, why suffering abounds.
We see the hand of God, in nature's mysteries.
See God's wrath on the horizon, listen please,
For maybe you'll believe.

Verse 3:
For the time is O so near, the signs are all around,
And the signs are loud and clear, they speak of Jesus Christ.
By rising from the dead, He proved that He is God.
'Cause He lives I have salvation, happiness,
Eternally secured.

Verse 4:
He's a gift from God above, a treasure to behold.
Turn away from sin; believe; become one of His fold.
There soon will be a day, when Jesus will return,
And receive us up to heaven, but the lost,
The lost He'll leave behind.

Verse 5:
As it was when time began, it will be in the end.
So that you might understand, that's why this song was penned.
Someday I will arise; I hope that you will too.
For I'm going up to heaven, if you come,
To Jesus so can you.

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