The Monthly Encourager:
Christ-Centered Encouragement for Wounded Hearts

Will I Ever Be Happy Again?
April - May, 2007

When my son and only child died at the age of thirteen, I wondered if I would ever be happy again. For a season, the pallor of death covered every aspect of my life. As I looked around at all the temporal things that used to make me happy, I found nothing that could make up for the joy I used to find in my son. It wasn't until I lifted my eyes towards heaven that I had any hope of finding happiness again. Today, as I have learned to seek happiness in heavenly places, I am reminded of one of my chief reasons for being happy today -- God has forgiven all my sins. Being reconciled with God -- being forgiven by Him -- is the spring from which all other heavenly joys must flow.

A few days ago I wrote a song about happiness. If you know Jesus as Lord and Savior, I hope the song will encourage you. Even if you don't, I hope the song will encourage you to seek the peace and joy that is found in Christ alone. The name of the song is I Sing a Song of Happiness.