I Sing a Song of Happiness

Words and Music by Greg Wright, 2007, Public Domain
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I sing a song of happiness,
A song of peace, a song of rest,
A song of joy, as I confess,
My God's forgiven me.

When I rebelled and went astray,
Lived as I wished, had my own way,
How could it be, that every day,
My God was loving me?

In order to preserve my soul,
God sent affliction, laid me low,
So I my sin, and guilt would know,
While God was seeking me.

In my distress, I sought the Lord,
Turned from the sins, I now abhored.
He raised me up, my soul restored,
My God was saving me.

Far as the east is from the west,
The memory of my sins shall rest,
Sins of the future and the past,
While God's preserving me.

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