Is It For This

Lyrics by Octavius Winslow
From the sermon, A Word in Season from Christ to the Weary
Music by Greg Wright

Is it for this my weary feet
So long the wilderness have trod,
Through winter's cold, and summer's heat,
Thus to be comforted by God?

Is it for this He brought the night,
And quenched awhile each tiny ray;
That He Himself might be my light,
And turn the darkness into day?

Is it for this the waves arose,
And tempests raged, and would not cease,
That Christ Himself might interpose,
And shed around a perfect peace?

Is it for this He chastened sore,
And let my soul in prison be;
That He might show an open door,
And say in tender love--"Be free."

Is it for this He laid me low,
And filled my heart with strange alarms;
That I might let all others go,
And sweetly rest upon His arms?

Oh yes! my feeble faith descries
Bright light between each parting cloud;
And soon my soul, with glad surprise,
Shall mount and sing her song aloud.

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