Since I Belong to Thee

Lyrics by Octavius Winslow
From the sermon, Experiencing the Joy of Christ
Music by Greg Wright

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Since I belong to Thee, my Saviour-God,
All must be well, however rough my road;
However dark my way or prospects be,
All, all is right, since overruled by Thee.

Safely in Thee shall Thy beloved dwell,
Though storms may rage, and angry tempests swell;
All the day long, their covering Thou shalt be,
What then can harm
[the one who's] kept by thee?

Feeblest of all Thy flock, Thou knowest me...
Helpless and weak, I stay upon Thy Word;
In all my weakness, this is still my plea--
That Thou art mine, and I belong to Thee.

Then come whatever may, I am secure;
Thy love unchanged shall to the end endure,
Frail though I am, Thine everlasting arm
Shall shield Thy child from every breath of harm.

Thy loving eye shall guide where'er I roam;
Thy Holy Spirit lead me to my home.
Thou wilt not let Thy feeble frail one stray,
Though dark temptations oft may crowd my way.

In sorrow's saddest hour, Thy strength my stay;
My darkest night, Lord, Thou canst turn to day.
The most loved here may sometimes changeful be
Thou changest not--and I belong to Thee.

Then may the life, which now on earth I live,
Be spent for HIM, who His for me did give.
Oh! make me, Lord, in all I will and do,
Ever to keep Thy glory in my view.

And when my course is run, and fought the fight,
Life's struggles o'er, and faith is changed to sight,
Then all triumphant I shall ever be,
Safe in thy Home, for I belong to Thee.

FULNESS OF JOY with all Thy ransom'd there,
In thy loved presence I shall ever share;
With them I'll sing the love that made us free,
The grace that taught us we belong'd to Thee.

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