There is Only One True God

Words and Music by Greg Wright (2009)
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There is only one true God,
Yet our God is a Trinity,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
In essence one but in persons three.

Each divine person shares God's whole essence
In undivided equality.
There is no attribute of the Father
Which isn't shared fully by all three.

Between these persons there is distinction,
Yet they exist simultaneously,
Different in role and interrelations,
Eternal order between the three.

Jesus the Son is fully God,
He is begotten before He's born.
From all eternity He is begotten,
Then in time Jesus Christ is born.

The Holy Spirit ever proceeds
From both the Father and the Son.
In this proceeding He is a person,
But in His essence He's fully God.

In Bethlehem our Savior was born,
There He took on humanity.
Still one person, now with two natures,
Divine and human in harmony.

Before all time the Father elected.
In time the Son full atonement made.
Then the Spirit opened our hearts,
Led us to Jesus our souls to save.

Throughout our lives the Father preserves us.
Jesus the Son mediation makes.
And the Spirit intercedes for us,
Praying with groans that no human makes.

Those who have Jesus as their Savior
Have the Spirit inside of them.
He makes the love and comfort of Jesus
Known to those who abide in Him.

Praise to the Father; praise to the Son;
Praise to the Spirit -- three in one.
Through their work our hope is certain;
Through their grace we will overcome.

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