There at the Cross
by Greg Wright, February 14, 2004

There is something about the cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that fortifies our trust in God. Indeed, the cross presents a powerful argument for trusting God unconditionally during difficult times.

People tend to stop trusting God when they doubt His love. While they might agree that God loves the world in a general way, they doubt that God cares about their particular, personal circumstances.

However, for the Christian the cross exposes the folly of doubting God's personal love. The love between people is often expressed with cards, flowers, and words. In nobler and more dramatic moments, it is demonstrated through hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice. But at the cross, the love of God is deliberately revealed through blood, suffering, and death.

There at the cross, Jesus does not respond to our questions and our doubts about His love: He consumes them, leaving dust and ashes. The most carefully crafted argument for despair is obliterated. Like an ocean wave washing away a puddle of water in the sand, that bloody flow at Calvary becomes like a mighty wave, washing over our doubts and fears.

There at the cross,
I take my pen
To write my questions down.

There at the cross,
I bring complaints;
I argue and expound.

But there at the cross,
I see His pain;
I hear the hammer pound.

There at the cross,
I see His blood;
It spills upon the ground.

There at the cross,
I'm overwhelmed;
My pen drops to the ground.

There at the cross,
I hide my face
And start to turn around.

But there at the cross,
I see His love
And kneel upon the ground.

There at the cross,
My faith's restored,
And there my comfort's found.

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