There's a Song for the Hurting
By Greg Wright, June 29, 2001

Verse 1
There's a song for the hurting,
A poem for the sad,
A balm for your healing,
A word to make you glad.
There's a mountain made for climbing,
A hand to help you through,
A love beyond your wildest dreams,
He's waiting there for you.

Verse 2
There's a light behind the shadows,
There's laughter in the rain,
There's color in the sunset,
There's joy beyond the pain.
There's an ocean made for dying,
Where the waves come crashing down,
But there's One who walks among the waves,
And He won't let you drown.

And it's Jesus;
It's His heart that's grieving when you cry,
He proved His love at Calvary when He went up there to die,
The hands that held the nails are reaching out to hold you tight,
And by His mighty strength and power He'll lead you through the night.
The one who bled at Calvary now holds you to His breast.
Just put your trust in Jesus Christ, and He will give you rest.

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