Tallahassee, Florida was a wonderful place to play soccer. We had two long spring and fall seasons with the Chaires soccer league and a winter season with the city league. Coach Bob, on the right, was one of the most organized and professional coaches I ever met. He thoroughly enjoyed soccer; yet he was able to teach the kids to have fun regardless of whether they won or lost. In my mind I can still hear him saying, "Did you have fun today?"

I met Bob after the last game of our fall season with the Chaires league. That game had to be stopped when we got hit by a lightning storm. Then a tornado struck eastern Tallahassee. When we arrived back home there was a tree on top of our house. To make matters worse, there was a message on the answering machine that there was to be a mandatory meeting at Bucklake school for the new winter league Pacers team. Reluctantly I decided to attend.

At the end of meeting Bob asked for someone to volunteer to help him coach. I hung around until everyone else had left, and when no one volunteered, I said, "Bob, I don't know anything about soccer, but if you can help me learn the game, I would be glad to help out with coaching."

Bob was great. He came to my home and went over the major plays. Then I got some good soccer books. Steve was elated; he very much enjoyed having dad as a coach. Steve is number fifteen, on the left, with his right arm across my shoulders.

I will always be grateful for having had the privilege of coaching my son.