See the Hand of God Is Painting
by Greg Wright, January 24, 2002

See the hand of God is painting,
In the wake of setting sun.
Gentle hues the sky adorning,
Comfort from the Holy One.

Could it be that heaven's glory,
Barely just beyond my sight.
Is the place where I'll awaken,
At the end of mournful night.

Soon the light gives way to darkness,
Sorrows seasons drawing in.
But beyond the night it's daybreak,
No more death and no more sin.

Teach me Lord to bear the night-time,
Faith to believe what I can't see.
Courage here to bear the shadows,
Hope for when you'll set me free.

God of light and God of glory,
Let the skies display your praise.
Gloriously portray our comfort,
Hope in you through darkened days.