Psalm 22:22-31
The Triumph of Christ

Music by Greg Wright

I sing of You before My brothers,
Within their midst I lift You high.
Come My brothers, all who fear Him,
Come my sisters, who revere Him,
Let His name be glorified.
All who love Him, come draw near Him,
Lift your hands up to the sky.

Revere Him all you sons of Jacob,
For God His Son did not despise,
When they sought to, crucify Me,
God above did, not deny Me,
From My cry He did not hide,
It was in His, plan to use Me,
Bringing your redemption nigh.

Lift up His praise in the assembly,
All you who fear fulfill your vows,
Let the poor ones, join the feasting,
They will find Him, satisfying,
See His grateful children bow,
Let them enter, none denying,
Bring them in His presence now.

All of the earth will turn unto Him,
All of the world will know His fame,
They will worship, and adore Him,
Laying down their, gifts before Him,
Joyful in the Savior's reign.
See the nations, bow before Him,
Honoring the Savior's name.

All of the earth will feast and worship,
Happily on that glorious morn,
See the future, generations,
Testify of, His salvation,
To a people yet unborn.
Telling men to, seek salvation,
Come to Jesus, be reborn.

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