O Lord You Are My Rock

From Psalm 18
Music and Words Arranged by Greg Wright

O Lord You are my rock.
For strength to You I flee.
When I call upon Your holy name
I'm saved from enemies.

When the cords of death drew tight,
So that I would surely die,
When in my distress I cried unto God,
O Lord You heard my cry.
Then the earth it shook and quaked,
As in anger God came down.
From His mouth there came a consuming fire,
Coals blazed upon the ground.
*Repeat Chorus

On the wings of wind He soared,
Mounted on the cherubim.
He made darkness serve as a covering,
A canopy for Him.
Bolts of lightning lit the sky.
Hail stones crashed against the ground.
As the Lord rained arrows upon His foes,
They heard His voice resound.
*Repeat Chorus

Then the Lord rebuked the seas.
All its valleys He laid bare.
And the earth's foundations were all revealed,
With nothing hidden there.
From on high, the Lord reached down,
From deep waters pulled me out.
Though my enemies were too strong for me,
The Lord my foes did rout.
*Repeat Chorus

To the faithful God is true.
He is worthy of all praise.
He will surely fight for His blameless ones,
For those who seek His face.
*Repeat Chorus

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