We'll Be Home
by Greg Wright, Father of Stephen Wright

Steve Packing to Move to Florida, 1994

Late one night in Carolina,
There our precious son was born.
Wrapped up warmly in a blanket,
With great joy we brought you home.
Then we moved to Tallahasse,
In the spring of ninety-four,
You were happy and excited,
Great adventures lay in store.

It was home, happy home.
Sunny days were filled with fun and playing.
And we sang with grateful praise,
For the joy you gave our family --
We grew younger everyday.

Then in summer ninety-seven,
I moved up to Tennessee,
Four months later you all joined me,
I was happy as could be.
Then we moved up here to Hartsville,
To a young boy's paradise,
Lots of hills for you to climb on,
And a pond for you to prize.

What a home, glorious home,
Now the dreams we shared lay out before us.
Open spaces full and free,
There were eighteen months of pleasure.
You were happy, we could see.

Then one day in February,
On your bike you took a ride.
You leaped high up towards the heavens.
Then you crashed and then you died.
Now it's raining here in Hartsville,
It's been raining all day long.
Seems it's going to rain forever,
But one day it will be gone.

We'll be home, really home.
Mom and I will join you there in heaven.
And we'll sing with great delight,
For the darkness of the rain storm,
Will give way to heaven's light.

Yes, we'll be home, truly home,
Safely in the arms of Christ our savior.
There our hearts will fill with joy,
When we wrap our arms around you,
When again we hug our boy.