A Grieving Mother Asks Me:
Where Did Her Son's Soul Go?
By Greg Wright, November 12, 2005

Verse 1
A grieving mother asks me:
Where did her son's soul go?
She longs for reassurance,
His soul is safe in heaven.
I ask if he knew Jesus,
She says I don't think so.

Verse 2
I struggle how to answer,
And say the truth in love.
I tell her if he trusted,
In Jesus as his Savior,
His soul is safe in heaven;
He rests with God above.

Verse 3
She catches my evasion,
Demands the truth to know.
She asks me if he never,
Submitted to the Savior,
Is he now gone forever,
Wherever lost souls go?

Verse 4
In tears I try to tell her,
There's nothing now to do,
But focus on the living,
To help them find forgiveness.
Submit your heart to Jesus,
That he might save you too.

Verse 5
Her sorrow turns to anger.
She lifts her fist up high.
How dare the God of Heaven,
Condemn her son to misery!
She curses God in heaven,
Who made the earth and sky.

Verse 6
The relatives yell at me:
You get away from here!
We know that God is loving,
Supporting, and forgiving.
He never passes judgment,
On those we love so dear.

Verse 7
God always passes judgment,
Sin's penalty to pay.
The ones who trust in Jesus,
Receive His blood-bought pardon.
But all who reject Jesus,
The penalty must pay.

Verse 8
The God she cursed so boldly,
Still calls to her in love.
He offers His forgiveness,
His comfort, and His fullness.
He offers her salvation,
And life with Him above.

Verse 9
Each year she turns more bitter.
It's etched upon her face.
Her sorrow never healing,
Her anger never dying,
Still raging and still cursing,
The God of love and grace.

Verse 10
The ones who fight with heaven,
Their lives grow ever grim.
But those who trust God's wisdom,
His character, and judgment,
Find reason to keep living,
Find happiness in Him.

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