Game Night

Wayne and Barbara Hays are heavily involved in teaching the young people at Grace Baptist Church. Wayne works with the older kids. Once a month they have game night at their house.

Stephen always looked forward to Game Night when he could attend. He often had to miss, because many of his hockey games were played on Thursday nights. On the Wednesday before he died he fully expected to be at game night the following evening. However, when we arrived home from Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evening, there was a message on the answering machine saying that hockey teams had been chosen and that he would have practice with his new coach on Thursday.

We encouraged him to skip this practice since this was short notice. However, Steve was convinced that he shouldn't miss his first practice. We left the decision up to him.

Steve's accident occurred around 4:15 the following Thursday afternoon. When news of Steve's accident reached the Hays house, many of Steve's friends had already arrived. Later, when they got the news that Steve had died, they were already gathered together so that they could comfort each other.

In days past, Steve always smiled as he told of the wild and crazy fun he had at the Hays house. I shall always be grateful to this family and to these kids for the joy they brought to Stephen's life.

Below you can find a few pictures from fun times at the Hays house. Please click on the small pictures to see a larger image.

Food's ready: come and get it
Finger licking good food
Skit time