In My Savior's Arms
A Poem About Abiding in Christ
by Greg Wright, June 6, 2002

In my Savior's arms, soaring through the skies,
From all earthly things, let my soul arise.
Let me lift my heart towards heaven, far away from earthly view.
Let me leave this world behind me, Lord, and fly away with You.

The alarm clock rings, it's another day.
Urgent problems shout, pulling me away.
But before I get too busy, here, with all I have to do,
Let me spend some time with Jesus, for I need His point of view.

When the traffic crawls, everything is slow.
Precious time is lost. I know where to go.
Let me call upon my Savior, since I know He's always there.
Let me turn my heart towards Jesus, now, and go to Him in prayer.

When the evening comes, and I'm settled in.
When the Spirit calls, showing me my sin.
I will ask God to forgive me, for I know He loves me still.
And He helps me to obey Him, because that's His holy will.

When the dark days come, and my heart is sad,
Let me run to Him, who can make me glad.
And when everything around me moves me deeply to despair,
I rejoice to find Him with me, He's the friend who's always there.

When the wine is poured and the cup is passed.
I will celebrate, that my guilt is past.
For I stand before my Savior, justified through Him alone.
It's His righteousness that saves me; it is His and not my own.

When they break the bread, and the plate comes by,
Let my soul rejoice, though my Savior died.
For the One who died to save me, now is risen from the dead.
And because He rules from heaven, I have nothing here to dread.

When the winter comes, and my soul departs.
Making many sad, breaking many hearts.
Let them know that this departing, isn't something to despise.
'Cause I'm safely with my Savior, I'm with Jesus in the skies.