Forever Lost, by Jordan Marcellino

You Chose the Temporal for the Real
by Greg Wright, November 15, 2001

In Memory of Those Who Died Without Christ
And of Those Who Grieve For Them

How could it be that I could lose,
The one I loved so dearly.
How could you carelessly reject,
The warning given clearly.

I sing a song you cannot hear,
Sending a love you cannot feel.
You turned away when Christ was near,
Choosing the temporal for the real.

How could it be that God would take,
The object of such praying.
Where is the grace to face your grave,
Your lifeless body laying.

All you desired has passed away,
Gone with your pleasures unfulfilled.
Instead of joy with Christ today,
Eternal punishment revealed.

There is a grace from God alone,
When loved ones die forever.
He will draw near me when I cry,
He will forsake me never.

I send a prayer that God will hear,
The cry of the broken hearted.
He understands the grief I feel,
My lost loved one now departed.