Our Humble Christ, Exalted High

From Philippians 2:1-11, paraphrased by Steve Whitman
Sung to the tune of A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Our minds, reflectors of the Soul,
Created in Christ Jesus;
Mirror that Love to every man,
That gave His life to win us.
With blessed gratitude,
Let our minds be renewed;
Forgo all vain conceit,
With love make joy complete;
Like-minded, one in Jesus.

Our Lord, in very essence God,
Considered not His station;
A thing above Him to be grasped,
With selfish, blind ambition;
Of His own self He gave,
For us became a slave;
That Man and God may be,
Served by humility;
The Word, His glory emptied.

That glory that o'er shadowed Men,
Was veiled in frail humanity;
Christ being found in fashion man,
Redeemed men to humility;
A cross death lay before,
Obediently He bore;
His life, He freely gave,
For all His saints to save;
Now Lord of all Christ triumphs.

The merit of Christ's humble life,
Was blessed by exaltation;
God gave the name above all names,
Proclaimed in all creation;
All knees and tongues shall be,
Brought to conformity;
Proclaiming Christ as Lord,
And with the living Word;
Give glory to the Father.

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