The Monthly Encourager:
Christ-Centered Encouragement for Wounded Hearts

My Prayer is for the Solitary Griever
July 2007 - August 2007
verse 1
My prayer is for the solitary griever,
Who chooses to endure his grief alone.
He builds a wall around himself and locks the door,
Ignores your notes, ignores the telephone.

My prayer is for his family and loved ones.
They need him now as much as he needs them.
Lord give them grace to love him with the love of God,
While standing firm in faith that comes from Him.

For there's no wall that God cannot pass over.
There's no lock that God cannot undo.
The one who made the world knows how to help you,
So trust and pray that God will carry you.

verse 2
Awake at night he wrestles with his feelings.
He wonders how this awful thing could be.
He wonders how his happiness could end this way,
While longing to escape his misery.

While locked outside his loved ones grieve without him.
They're praying hard and wondering what to do.
For Lord its hard enough to see your loved ones die.
Now must we lose our living loved ones too?

verse 3
Lord help them to be faithful in their marriage,
Keep loving when their love is not returned.
Lord help them guard their hearts from seeking other loves,
Yes, even when their gracious acts are spurned.

And help them to lean hard upon the Savior,
To find the comfort only God can give.
Encouraged that their faithfulness is seen above,
And from above they'll find the strength to live.