The Monthly Encourager:
Christ-Centered Encouragement for Wounded Hearts

Baptism at Goose Creek

How to Find Joy in Christ
April, 2006

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Monthly Encourager. Each new edition will appear on this page on or before the beginning of a new month. The theme for this month is How to Find Joy in Christ. The loss of a loved one leaves a heavy weight upon the heart. In fact, some losses are so heavy that people never really fully recover from them, but they can out-weigh them. The weight of the beauty of Christ, rightly understood, is greater than the weight of your greatest loss. But this is a hidden beauty--you have to look for it. Our goal this month is to help you look for it and find it. For we are convinced that "In Him all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden" (Colossians 2:3, HCSB).

The first article, Invitation to Joy, illustrates how we can easily miss the joy we have in Jesus by taking Him for granted. The second article, Is Christ Enough?, describes how I had to seek God's help in order to become more appreciative of my salvation. The third article, Fighting for Joy, describes a practical means of finding joy in Christ. Finally, the new song, I'm Not Alone, is intended to encourage grieving believers who now find themselves alive alone.