Ecclesiastes 12

Words arranged by Greg Wright,
Music from "Geistliche Volkslieder," Paderborn, 1850
Same tune as "Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted" -- page 192, "Old Trinity Hymnal"

Hear me young ones and remember,
Your creator while you're young.
Be ye sober and consider,
'fore the days of trouble come.
When the years yield no more pleasure,
When the moon and stars grow dim,
Oh be careful to remember,
Fill your mind with thoughts of Him.

Harken young ones and remember,
In the days while you're still strong.
For the darker days are coming,
Though they seem to tarry long.
When the clouds will keep returning,
After many days of rain,
When the strong will stoop and tremble,
And their days be filled with pain.

Come and hear Him and obey Him,
'fore the sounds of all grow faint.
Don't ignore Him while He's calling,
It is dangerous to wait.
See the doors and windows closing,
See the mourners on the streets,
Oh make sure that you are ready,
For Gods' judgment you must meet.

Come you young ones and remember,
For the silver cord must break.
When the golden bowl is broken,
God your precious soul will take.
Will your soul be found in heaven,
When there's neither breath nor sound?
Will your soul be found with Jesus,
When you're buried in the ground?

Come and see him all you young ones,
See his body lying there.
Be aware that death takes children,
Of your age death doesn't care.
For to each our Lord has given
So much time, then life must end.
So be careful, oh be careful
That your soul be found in Him.

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