Don't Look Back
From Genesis 19:1-26

Copyright Greg Wright (c) 2005, All Rights Reserved
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Verse 1:
Now Lot he was a righteous man who lived in Sodom town.
Its wickedness disturbed him every day.
The angels came to tell him God would soon burn Sodom down.
So he must take his family far away.

Don't look back, to the city of destruction.
Don't look back, to the life you had before.
Don't look back, for the wrath of God is coming.
You must flee to safety in Zoar.

Verse 2:
Lot sought the men who planned to take his daughters as their wives.
He begged them all to flee God's coming wrath.
He warned them they must leave this town if they would save their lives.
But all they did was look at him and laugh.

Verse 3:
Then finally the angels told him they were out of time.
Go get your wife and daughters, now, get out!
When poor Lot hesitated and could not make up his mind.
The angels grabbed their hands and led them out.

Verse 4:
The angels sternly warned them that they must not turn around,
And neither should they flee into the plain.
Lot's wife she disobeyed them when she stopped to turn around,
And then a salty pillar she became.

Verse 5:
O Lord you know our weakness, lest we fail when heaven's near,
And turn back to the world we used to know.
And, yet, You keep Your chosen ones, You'll help us persevere,
And faithfully preserve us as we go.

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