Do Not Let Your Hearts be Troubled

Encouragement From John 14
Music and Words Arranged by Greg Wright
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Do not let your hearts be troubled;
Trust in God and trust in Me.
Though for now we must be parted,
Soon together we will be.
For within My Father's house are
Many rooms -- there's one for you.
Soon I'll come back here to get you,
So keep heaven in your view.
Be assured that all I've promised
That I faithfully will do.

Do not let your hearts be troubled:
Peace I leave you; peace I give.
Not the fleeting peace the world gives,
You'll have peace because I live.
For I'm going to My Father,
And because of this you're sad.
But if You would truly love Me,
Then this news should make you glad.
For to be there with My Father,
Is the best that I could have.

Do not let your hearts be troubled;
Soon the Counselor will come.
Though right now the Spirit's with you,
He'll be in you when He comes.
He'll abide with you forever,
And because of Him you'll see,
I'm abiding with My Father,
And the Father lives in Me.
And within you We'll be living
In a blessed unity.

Do not let your hearts be troubled;
Heed the words our Savior said.
Let His promises sustain you,
While you rest upon your bed.
When the wicked world confronts you
Let His doctrine keep you sane.
Meditate upon Him often,
For He faithful will remain.
He will lead you through all sorrow
And make heaven soon your gain.

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