Did You Hear From Heaven, Son

In Celebration of the Baptism of Chad Carman
From Greg and Nan Wright
November 10, 2002

Did you hear from heaven, son,
And share in our rejoicing,
Listening to your friend so dear,
His testimony voicing?

Could you feel the water, son,
The waves as he descended,
Baptized into Jesus Christ,
A wayward life now ended.

Could you see from heaven's skies,
That night your soul was taken,
How that God would move his heart,
And how that God would shake him.

Did you join the angel choir,
The night of His salvation,
Blending with their voices there,
In praise and celebration.

Were you here to share our joy,
Our worry now subsiding,
Knowing that this friend we love,
Is now in Christ abiding.

Did you see the rainbow, son,
So bright as we were leaving,
Symbol from our loving God,
Of hope for the believing.

Must we wait to tell you, son,
Of how our God is faithful?
How he comforts those who mourn
And makes the grieving grateful.

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