Is Something Wrong With Christmas?
by Greg Wright, December, 2002

Is something wrong with Christmas?
It seems so different now.
Before it was so happy,
But now it just seems foul.

Did someone change its music,
And take away its joy?
Its songs now irritate me,
While mourning for my boy.

Did someone change the lighting,
That used to be so gay?
Brightly colored hues before,
Now changed to shades of gray.

The fellowship and feasting,
I used to join with glee.
Now I want to run and hide,
And from this season flee.

For everything seems different,
From how it was before.
Little things that cheered my days,
Bring happiness no more.

But Jesus is unchanging,
My heart begins to sing.
No temporal thing surpasses,
The joy his presence brings.

They laid Him in a manger,
Where creatures used to feed.
Now in His grace He feeds us,
And meets our deepest needs.

He walked the road to Calvary,
They pierced His hands and feet.
But now He walks beside me,
My strength through all I meet.

On Calvary's cross He suffered,
And paid for all my sins.
Kneeling there I die to self,
And there my life begins.

Keep Christmas with its temporal
Distractions and delights.
My joy is safe in Jesus,
Secure through darkest nights.

The heart that rests in Jesus,
Endures the holidays,
By drawing near the Savior,
Delighting in His ways.

The heart that lifts up Jesus,
Shall never be without,
Reason for the surest hope,
And remedy for doubt.

Oh put your faith in Jesus,
Let nothing else distract.
Though grief and woe surround you,
His love you'll never lack.

Cling tightly to the Savior,
Throughout your darkened days,
Seek the Lord with all your heart,
Trust Him in every way.

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