Take Me to the Barn, Son, Take Me to the Barn
by Greg Wright, Father of Stephen Wright

Steve and Blaze.

Take me to the barn, son, take me to the barn.
Tell me about your dirt bike; show me how you got it running.
Talk to me about magnetos, carburetors, gaskets, and slides.
I won't understand very much, son, but that's okay.
I'll listen, because I love to hear your voice, son,
I love to hear your voice.

Let's go to the pond, son, let's go to the pond.
Show me the dry creek bed that feeds it on rainy days.
Throw in the big rocks and make the water splash high.
Make the water splash all over us; get us soaking wet.
I won't care, because I love to be with you, son,
I love to be by your side.

Let's go to the fire tower, son, let's go to the fire tower.
Take me by the ridge, so it won't be so hard to walk.
Lead me through the bamboo, where it's not too thick.
Help me find a walking stick, so I can try to keep up with you.
I know I'm slow, but thank you for waiting for me, son,
Thank you for stopping when I need to rest.

Let's go to the park, son, let's go to the park.
I see your friends; go ahead and join your friends on your bicycle.
I'll walk around the circle a couple of times; it won't take long.
Then, when you are ready, son, we'll walk around together.
Thank you for offering to walk with me today, son,
I am looking forward to talking to you.


Let's go to Vanderbilt, son, let's go to Vanderbilt Hospital.
You'll ride in a helicopter; you always wanted to ride in a helicopter.
A gracious friend will drive your mother and me.
We'll catch up with you soon, son, the Life Flight nurses will take good care of you.
Don't stop fighting, son, don't give up!
You are young and tough.

Take me to a cold room, son, take me to a cold and empty room.
Your body is there, but there is no life in it; you left.
Your body is stiff and cold; tubes still protrude from your nose.
What happened son, did God call you home?
So soon, so very soon, son,
While I still have so much to tell you.

Let's go to heaven, son, let's go to heaven.
You got to go first, but I'll join you soon.
Then you can show me those paths and trails where you delight to walk.
We'll run, leap, and play with great energy, and without tiring.
Surely I'll hug you, son; I'll embrace you, and you won't be embarrassed.
And we'll walk and talk together; we still have so much to say.