Trusting the God Who Offends You

John 6:1-71

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I.                    Introduction.

A.      When people offend people.

                                                             1.      Cause of offending people – unmet expectations.

                                                             2.      Need of offending people – sometimes necessary.

B.      When God offends people.

                                                             1.      Our reasons to trust Him.

                                                             2.      Our expectations.

a.       Wrong expectations.

b.      Unmet expectations.

C.      When offended people respond to God.

                                                             1.      The reality of offenses.

                                                             2.      The reasons we continue to have for trusting God.

                                                             3.      The necessity of unconditional trust.


II.                  Faith encouraged – Reasons for Believing. (John 6:1-21)

A.      1st Sign - In John 2 Jesus turns water into wine.

B.      2nd Sign - In John 4:46 Jesus heals the royal official’s son.

C.      3rd Sign - In John 5 Jesus heals a man who has been an invalid for 38 years.

D.      4th Sign - In John 6:1-14 Jesus feeds 5,000 men plus wives and children.

E.       5th Sign - In John 6:15-21 Jesus walks on water.


III.                Faith challenged – Obstacles to Believing. (John 6:22-66)

A.      Jesus refuses to provide more signs.

B.      Jesus says he came down from heaven.

C.      Jesus says they have to eat his flesh.

D.      Jesus says they have to drink his blood.

E.       Jesus says he will ascend back to the Father.


IV.                Faith continued – Persistence in Believing. (John 6:67-71)

A.      People have been given to Jesus by the Father.

B.      People have good reasons for believing, they just don’t see them.

C.      People can better see the reasons for believing after they have been regenerated, at which time God takes away their spiritual blindness.


V.                  Summary.

A.      Prov. 3:5-6 advocates unconditional trust in God.

B.      It is important to resolve to trust God unconditionally while life is fairly peaceful and you are able to think clearly.

C.      A preliminary decision to trust God unconditionally will help you to stand firm in your faith under great pain and distress, when it is harder to think clearly.