The Woman at the Well:

Reaching Across Party Lines to the Samaritans in Your Life

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I.                   Historical background.

A.   Revolt against Rehoboam – I Kings 12:14.

B.   Samaria refers both to a city and to the northern kingdom – 1 Kings 13:32.

C.   The people of the northern kingdom are called Samaritans – 2 Kings 17:29.

D.   The northern kingdom falls to Assyria in 721 B.C.

E.    Samaritans excluded from the rebuilding of the temple and Jerusalem.

F.    Samaritans worship at Gerizim.


II.                Jesus’ evangelism of the Samaritan woman.

A.   Jesus looks for opportunities – John 4:1-6.

B.   Jesus humbles Himself – John 4:7-9.

C.   Jesus leads the conversation – John 4:10.

D.   The woman misunderstands – John 4:11.

E.    The woman defends her beliefs – John 4:12.

F.    Jesus explains that He has something better – John 4:13-14.

G.   The woman misses the point – John 4:15.

H.   Jesus reveals her greatest need – John 4:16-18.

I.       Jesus keeps her from evading her guilt – John 4:19-24

1.     She introduces the worship issue.

2.     Jesus explains that God is looking for true worshippers.

3.     True worshippers worship in spirit and truth.

J.      Jesus prevents her from making light of His comments – John 4:25-26.

K.   Interruptions – John 4:27.

L.    Separation – John 4:28-30.

M. Awakening – John 4:39-42.

N.   Sowing and reaping – John 4:31-38.