Facing Problems God's Way:
How to Run Out of Wine without Whining

John 2:1-11
By Greg Wright
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  1. Introduction.
    1. Kyle and Katie's wedding.
    2. The wedding in Cana of Galilee.
    3. Themes from the passage.
    4. Goals in conflict.
    5. Aspects of Godly problem solving.

  2. The manifestation of the problem.
    1. Mary did not ignore the problem.
    2. Mary did not deny the problem.
    3. Mary did not run away from the problem.
    4. Mary did not accuse God.
    5. Mary did not mistreat other people.
    6. What did Mary do?

  3. The management of the problem.
    1. Mary took the problem to Jesus.
    2. Mary trusted Jesus, even when he offered no encouragement towards a solution.
    3. Mary did all she could to resolve the problem.
    4. Mary enlisted the help of others.

  4. The mystery of the problem.
    1. A miracle was performed.
    2. The wine problem was solved.
    3. Jesus was glorified.
    4. The disciples were strengthened in their faith.

  5. Conclusions and Applications.
    1. Problems interfere with meeting operational goals.
    2. Problems are sometimes necessary for us to meet our spiritual goals.
    3. Problems are sometimes deployed by God in order to meet His kingdom goals.
    4. Therefore, I need to repent of the way I react when problems arise.

  6. Repenetance from the way we face problems.
    1. Repent of getting so angry when problems arise.
    2. Repent of placing my operational goals above my spiritual goals.
    3. Repent of placing my operational goals above God's kingdom goals.
    4. Repent of the methods I use for solving problems.