Come and See:
The Disciples Meet the Messiah

John 1:35-51
By Greg Wright
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  1. Introduction.
    1. The witness theme continued.
    2. The disciples meet Jesus.
    3. The messianic expectations of the disciples.

  2. Come and see the Messiah through the voice of the Old Testament.
    1. Protoevangelium.
    2. Abraham and Isaac.
    3. The scepter.
    4. The prophet.
    5. The Davidic covenant.
    6. The kingly Messiah in the Psalms.
    7. The suffering Messiah in the Psalms.
    8. The suffering Messiah in Isaiah.
    9. The Son of Man.
    10. The birth of the Messiah.

  3. Come and see the Messiah through the eyes of the disciples.
    1. The Lamb of God.
    2. The Messiah.
    3. The Prophet.
    4. The Son of God.
    5. The King of Israel.

  4. Come and see the Messiah as the Son of Man.
    1. His suffering and death.
    2. His provision of salvation.
    3. His authority to judge.
    4. His glory.

  5. Summary.

  6. Application.