The Witness of John the Baptist
John 1:19-37
By Greg Wright
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  1. Introduction.

  2. John the Baptist's background.
    1. His prediction in the Old Testament.
    2. His parents.
    3. His early life.

  3. John the Baptist's reputation.
    1. His reputation among people.
    2. His reputation among the chief priests and elders.
    3. His reputation before King Herod.
    4. His reputation in the works of Josephus.
    5. His reputation before Christ.

  4. John the Baptist's testimony.
    1. What John the Disciple said about John the Baptist.
    2. What John the Baptist said about himself.
      1. Are you the Christ?
      2. Are you Elijah?
      3. Are you the prophet?
      4. Who are you then?
    3. What John the Baptist said about Christ.
      1. Jesus is exalted above all teachers.
      2. Jesus is the Lamb of God.
      3. Jesus is eternal.
      4. Jesus baptizes with the Holy Spirit.
      5. Jesus' identity as Messiah was supernaturally revealed to John.
      6. Jesus' identity was revealed by the Father and the Holy Spirit.

  5. How should we respond to John the Baptist's testimony?