What Is Truth?
Grace and Truth Confronts Postmodernism

John 1:16-18
By Greg Wright
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  1. Introduction.
    1. Equipping believers.
    2. Defending the truth.

  2. Truth according to the world.
    1. Modernism.
    2. Secular humanism.
    3. Pragmatism.
    4. Postmodernism.
      1. What are its beliefs?
      2. How do its beliefs compare with scripture?

  3. Truth according to the Bible.
    1. Truth as fact.
    2. Truth as fullness.
      1. Fullness with respect to types.
      2. Fullness with respect to genuineness.
      3. Fullness with respect to value.
      4. Fullness with respect to explanation.
      5. Fullness with respect to compliance.
    3. Truth as faithfulness.

  4. Truth according to John's prologue.
    1. In what sense is the law being compared to grace and truth?
    2. In what sense is the method for bringing the law being compared to the method for bringing grace and truth?
    3. In what sense is grace and truth connected to fullness?
    4. In what sense are Jesus' qualifications to explain the Father connected to grace and truth?
    5. In what sense do we find grace and truth in the person and work of Christ?

  5. Truth and Pilate's question.