The Deity of Jesus
John 1:1-2
By Greg Wright
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  1. Introduction
    1. The purpose of John in writing this gospel.
      1. That we might believe.
      2. That we might have eternal life.
    2. The benefit to us in studying this gospel.
    3. The prologue as the summary and context of this gospel.
    4. The Doctrine of the Trinity as confirmed in this gospel.
  2. John's strategy for getting us to believe.
    1. Show that Jesus is uncreated essence.
    2. Show that Jesus is distinct from the Father with respect to His personhood.
    3. Show that Jesus is fully God with respect to His essence.
  3. Jesus is uncreated essence.
    1. Jesus is the true logos.
    2. Jesus as the creator of all things.
    3. Jesus did not create Himself.
  4. Jesus is distinct from the Father in personhood.
    1. Jesus is intimately related to the Father.
    2. The existence of Jesus is simultaneous with the existence of Father.
  5. Jesus is fully God with respect to His essence.
    1. Not "a God."
    2. Not "the God." (not the Father)
    3. Not just "divine." (having some divine qualities)
    4. But possessing every attribute of the essence of God.
  6. The significance of the way John worded the last clause of verse one.
    1. The word order emphasizes the essence of God.
    2. The omitted article distinguishes Jesus from the Father.
  7. Why does the Doctrine of the Trinity matter.
  8. Closing remarks.